Aquila Capital wind turbines

The fund

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  • Aquila European Renewables Income Fund (AERIF) objective is to provide investors with a truly diversified portfolio of renewable assets.
  • The fund’s aim is to invest mostly in diversified operating and a limited number of greenfield renewable energy assets
  • These assets are hydropower-plants, onshore wind and solar parks across continental Europe & Ireland.
  • Through the diversification of asset types, the seasonal production of these asset types work to balance the cash flow.
  • At the same time, the geographic diversification serves to reduce exposure to one single energy market.

ESG Report

Transparency is an important part of our sustainability strategy, which is why we published our first ESG report in 2018. The report addresses a wide range of topics  ranging from the analysis of ESG risks and the consideration of CO2 balances to the measurement of impact in-line with the sustainability goals of the United Nations.

Aquila Group Sustainability Report 2022 Download
Aquila Capital ESG Report 2020 Download
Aquila Capital ESG Report 2021 Download