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The investment opportunity

  • Aquila European Renewables (AER) targets assets which are expected to generate renewable energy output for at least 25 years from their commissioning date.
  • Targeted IRR of 6.0 % to 7.5 % (net) per year.
  • Targeting quarterly dividends, with 5.51 cts per ordinary share for the year 2023.
  • AER is a Euro-denominated UK domiciled investment company, which invests in renewable energy technologies across continental Europe and the Republic of Ireland.
  • Dividends will be declared in Euro and therefore offer currency diversification for UK investors.


Our videos feature experts providing insights into investment strategies, current projects as well as ongoing asset management: short, concise and descriptive.

On-Site Solar PV
Aquila European Renewables 89,993 MWh Energy Supply
Solar PV

Construction of Guillena solar PV plant completed

This solar PV plant is located near Sevilla, southern Spain, and spreads across an area of 88 hectares. A total of 91,896 modules have been installed which total to 50 MW and are expected to produce 100 GWh annually.

On-Site Solar PV
Photovoltaik Thumbnail
Solar PV

Solar PV park Jaén in Andalusia, Spain

Located in the province of Jaén in Andalusia, southern Spain, this solar PV plant will cover the electricity of more than 24,400 homes. With an expected annual production of 94 GWh, the plant is expected to avoid 24,000 tonnes of CO2-eq each year. The preservation of the natural environment of the plant has been guaranteed through a prior study of the habitat and the application of protection and conservation measures. 

On-Site Solar PV
Tiza Photovoltaikanlage
Solar PV

Solar PV park Tiza in Almeria, Spain

The solar PV park Tiza is located within the Almería province in the south of Spain. Once operational it will generate approximately 30 MW of electricity annually via around 72,380 solar modules. Tiza’s environmentally conscious layout and construction process in an area of 69 hectares is shown in this video.

On-Site Solar PV
Tabernas II Albeniz Photovoltaik Park
Solar PV

Albéniz solar PV park in Almería

The Albéniz solar PV park is located in the desert of Tabernas, Almería in the south of Spain. Albéniz spreads over an area of 121 hectares and will have a capacity of 50MW once operational. The construction process of its 120,652 modules is impressively shown in this video.

On-Site Hydropower
Francisco Christian Alforfa in Protugal

Ninetynine seconds - Hydropower in Portugal

Find out more about how hydro power plants work both technically and economically. Christian Heidfeld, Aquila Capital’s Head of Asset Management Hydropower, explains how our Alforfa hydro power plant utilises a special cascade system. Our local Chief Operations Officer Francisco Machado provides further insights into how the plant looks like from the inside and how he ensures efficient operation at all times.

On-Site Asset Management
Melanie Schaub in Dänemark
Wind Energy

Ninetynine Seconds - Annual inspections of a windfarm

Melanie Schaub, Asset Manager Wind, explains the key criteria she takes into account when visiting Aquila Capital’s wind farms in the middle of Denmark for an annual inspection. Aquila Capital’s dedicated asset management team closely inspects the turbines and the local conditions of its wind farms on a regular basis in order to ensure a stable and long-term performance of the asset for the investors.

Clean Energy
Aquila Capital Joakim Johnsen
Power Purchase Agreements

Ninetynine Seconds - Joakim Johnsen on Power Purchase Agreements

Joakim Johnsen, Head of Merchant Market Desk at Aquila Capital, explains about the use of PPAs for renewable energy. He is observing a significant growth of PPAs in the European markets largely due to decreasing costs of renewable energy generation, phasing out of feed-in-tariffs as well as growing corporate demand for green energy.