Aquila European Renewables Income Fund


The inaugural Capital Markets Day of the Company took place on 29th March 2022.

The event included formal presentations held by the CEO of Aquila Capital, as well as the heads of the origination, merchant markets desk, and asset management teams. AERI managers reviewed performance and highlighted areas of opportunity for the listed fund. The board of the fund was also in attendance.

Please find a recording of the event including presentation slides via the link below.

Access CMD recording here

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Hans Joachim Schellnhuber Aquila Capital team member
Prof. Joachim Schellnhuber
World-renowned climatologist and member of the board of Aquila Capital
Roman Rosslenbroich
Roman Rosslenbroich
Co-Founder and CEO of Aquila Capital
Aquila Capital team member Ian Nolan
Ian Nolan
Chair of the Board of Directors
Aquila Capital Team Michael Anderson
Michael Anderson
Senior Manager Partnerships & Portfolio Management at Aquila Capital
Aquila Capital Team Christian Ahrens
Christian Ahrens
Head of Asset Management Energy & Infrastructure EMEA at Aquila Capital
Esther Garcia
Esther Garcia
Team Head Strategy Asset Management Iberia & Italy at Aquila Capital
Marcos Dominguez Aquila Capital Team Member
Marcos Dominguez
Director of Power Markets Iberia at Aquila Capital
Kilian Leykam
Kilian Leykam
Investment Manager Energy & Infrastructure EMEA at Aquila Capital
Aquila Capital Team Wojtek Andrew
Andrew Wojtek
Head of Investment Management Energy & Infrastructure EMEA at Aquila Capital
Arne Weber
Arne Weber
Co-Head Markets Management Group at Aquila Capital
Thomas Meier
Thomas Meier
Construction Manager Wind at Aquila Capital
Mario Garcia Portrait
Mario Garcia
Operations Director E&I Iberia at Aquila Capital